Support Me

I Need Your Support

It doesn’t need to cost you a single penny, cent or yen…

Sound wave equalizer vector design

I love making music. But it’s also very hard.

And I take it very seriously.

I have big ideas. So many ideas. And it’s just little old me trying to do everything on my own. With the unwavering moral support of my friends, family and supporters, of course.

The ideas creation, the music making, the recording, the problem fixing, the polishing, the social media, the music exploration, the designs, the branding, the marketing, the networking, the visuals… even the cleaning. It’s all me.

It takes up much of my spare time, but I love every part of it.

OK, maybe not the cleaning.

But it’s a lot for one person to do. And that’s the way of the modern musician.

A little help goes a long way

To help me along my journey, and to keep me being productive and creative, I need the support of lovely, kind folk like yourself that listen to, enjoy and engage with me and my music.

Help me continue to create more of the music and performances that you love.

It doesn’t have to cost you anything

A simple share, like, comment or follow on my social platforms is all I ask from anyone that has got anything out of my music, performances, events, releases.

You can leave me a message about what you thought of my music or one of my videos. Feedback is powerful. And I can take criticism. In fact, I welcome it.

Or you can simply play one of my tracks on Spotify.

Or download one of my free songs.

Or record a video of your cat dancing to one of my mixes.

I love that stuff!

But, if you have something to spare…

I’d genuinely appreciate it if you could contribute something small to keep me productive and working hard…

Buy one of my songs on Beatport: £0.79
Buy me a cookie: £1.50
Buy me a coffee: £3
Buy me a cold beer: £5
Buy me a bag of coffee beans: £10
Buy me a crate of beer: £15
Buy me a meal: £20
Buy me a sample pack: £25
Buy me a 2-hour rehearsal studio slot: £30
Buy me an exciting new VST: £50

Or choose your own amount.

Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Thank you so much.

If you’ve contributed, please drop me a line so I can personally thank you directly.