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I’m Ash. Otherwise known as NTRIK. I’m a DJ and producer of electronic music, primarily focusing on Dance music.

I am an experienced music professional with almost 20 years under my belt producing music, DJing, mastering, arranging and mixing music for clients across the globe.

I am passionate, knowledgeable, driven, experienced and professional, and work with a clear goal with any project I work on – in the studio or live in person.

I have been very lucky to work with some of the world’s finest talent over the last couple of decades and I am looking forward to continuing my journey in discovering new opportunities, talent and working on new ideas to support my own musical discovery as well as supporting and growing other musicians around the world.

I have worked with top 10 charting singers and bands, remixed for legendary producers and released music with artists signed to major labels. I have written music for, collaborated with and supported many artists, musicians and DJs of many styles – from Classical and Opera to Hiphop, Rock, Soul and Downtempo right through to more upbeat styles like Trance, House and Techno.

Names include James D Train (Prelude, Columbia Records, US Billboard Dance chart number-one), Lenny Fontana (Karmic Power Records, Strictly Rhythm, FFRR Records), Two Loons for Tea, Lovejunky, Marlin McNichols (Epic, Sony) and Martha Munizzi (Columbia, Sony).

I am also a versatile DJ, passionately playing a wide variety of electronic music from lounge and coffee shop style vibes right through to high energy club thumpers and everything in between while keeping the music accessible, enjoyable and musical.

My music is consistently Summery, sexy, smooth, funky, cheerful and sophisticated, strategically formulated to take listeners on a journey, building an atmosphere and a vibe that grows with the evening.

Whilst I love to position in the background and build an atmosphere, I am equally at home spinning bangers that get the crowd jumping.

Each and every set I play is a unique experience that builds, evolves and lifts, playing with energy levels, moods and different vibes to ultimately get people smiling, nodding, tapping and moving.

Proud creator of the ‘freephasing’ DJ technique back in the early 2000’s, a variant of the phasing method, which allows the DJ to creatively utilise two identical vinyl records to create a washy, sweeping, phasing effect, prior to the days of having such effects built into DJ mixers. Freephasing gives full control of the phase shifts to the DJ, allowing them to manually manipulate the vinyl and adapt the effect exactly how they wanted, live in the mix.

➡ Read more about my DJ services or watch me perform live online on Youtube and Twitch.

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