“The right tools, techniques & knowledge to take your project and vision and elevate it far beyond your expectations”

“In my Coventry music studio, I have access to much of the latest technology, software and tools – and the attitude, knowledge and experience – needed to create professional, pristine productions that reach commercial levels of quality and work in the media, at home and in the clubs.”

A broad interest in music styles and over 20 years’ experience in music brings the tips, the tools and the knowledge to understand your vision and goal, and help you push your project in the exact direction you need to exceed expectations.

Mix engineering and mastering are a speciality with many industry-standard tools and the depth and breadth of knowledge of exactly what’s needed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Whether you need a helping hand, whether your music isn’t suitable for the use you intended, or whether you need support in bringing your music to a commercial standard, NTRIK will bring his passion, knowledge, drive, experience and professionalism to deliver your project to the brief and beyond your expectations.

A versatile producer working with many styles and artists

Over the last two decades, NTRIK has written music for, collaborated with and supported many artists, musicians and DJs of many styles – from Classical and Opera to Hiphop, Rock, Soul and Downtempo right through to more upbeat styles like Trance, House and Techno.

Names include James D Train (Prelude, Columbia Records, US Billboard Dance chart number-one), Lenny Fontana (Karmic Power Records, Strictly Rhythm, FFRR Records), Two Loons for Tea, Lovejunky, Marlin McNichols (Epic, Sony) and Martha Munizzi (Columbia, Sony).

Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Every piece of music is as unique as every musician and every device, pair of ears and platform music can be consumed with, which makes it difficult to engage every listener. However, understanding your goal and treating your project with respect, patience and the right tools can help you give you the best chance possible of engaging them every pair of ears you reach.

Using industry standard tools as well as experience and knowledge of the industry, your music will be brought up to not only a great-sounding standard but also one that sounds as consistent as possible across all platforms, devices and systems for maximum enjoyment and engagement.

NTRIK has produced singles, EPs and albums, DJ mixes, playlists, podcasts and radio shows and written music to film. He has also mastered songs, albums and releases for DJs, producers and artists, helping their track shine and gather the most amount of attention from a clean, pristine and engaging release.

He has worked in both studio and live settings, working directly with key decision makers to help them deliver their vision successfully and with panache – and with amazing feedback from his clients.

“Fixing recording issues, editing, mixing, additional production and mastering are all vital to producing a project that sounds and feels the part.”

Some of the production and editing projects I’ve supported with

Whether you need a collection of music needed for a birthday party or fitness app or whether you need a single track for label release or film project I’d love to hear from you.

  • Edits of popular tracks for DJ use
  • Extending existing songs
  • Extracting vocals, instruments or drums from full tracks
  • Audio cleanups
  • Mashups of popular songs for DJ use
  • Remastered songs for club use
  • Stem mastering
  • Song mastering
  • Mix engineering
  • Remixes of existing songs
  • Remixes of cover material
  • Mixing vocals into backing tracks
  • Writing music to film
  • Original music productions
  • Backing music for an app or video
  • Vocal editing, tuning / Autotune

What can you expect from me

I pride myself on being professional with a high attention to detail and bring my passion for good music into every project I work on – big or small.

I will work with you to set a clear brief at the start of any project to understand exactly what you are looking for, how it will be used, what your end goal is and use all of my experience to help you get exactly what you need.

Lots of questions
A clear plan of action and end goal
A timeline of events
Regular updates
Room for feedback
A release-ready end result
High standards

I am:

➡ Want to discuss a project with me? I am available for commissions, collaborations and projects. Drop me a line to discuss your vision, ideas, requirements and budget.