Feelgood House DJ & Music Producer


“I love music that makes you feel something. A smile, a memory, nostalgia, an energy rush. I find this music and share it with everyone. I want to make you smile, tap your feet, bop your head, dance.”

NTRIK is an experienced music professional with almost 20 years under his belt producing music, DJing, mastering, arranging and mixing music for clients across the globe. He has worked with top 10 charting singers and bands, remixed for legendary producers and released music with artists signed to major labels. You’ll find NTRIK sharing tracks infused with Jazz, 70s Disco, Soul, Funk and 80s Electro as well as old-school House vibes from the 90s, all packaged up into a warm selection of modern, sunshine-tinged, feelgood dance tracks that work as well at a bar as they do a BBQ.