live performances

“More than just a DJ, NTRIK is keen to bring an immersive experience to his DJ sets”

More than just a DJ, NTRIK is keen to bring an immersive experience to his DJ sets. Through the strategic use of lighting, props, projections, music selection and his way of creating a vibe, he is able to create an atmosphere that captures, engages and entices, much of which can be seen in his online performances on Facebook, Twitch and Youtube.


“I take great care in the music I select for each event and I love the music that I play. This shows in my performances and helps me to perform better and build a better rapport with the audience. When I’m enjoying it, everyone is enjoying it.”


NTRIK has performed at bars, clubs, private VIP events, launch parties and online performances, both recorded and live.

Read more about my DJ services or watch me perform live on Youtube and Twitch.

Music for a wide range of events, scenarios and time slots

Suitable for afternoon and evening background music, building an atmosphere, warming people up with some funky toe-tappers and head-bobbers as the evening goes on, right through to peak time club and festival tracks that will get the crowd out of their seats and jumping.

“I’m just as much at home in a cafe, garden patio, rooftop bar or a dark club… or even an office.”

What can you expect from me

I pride myself on understanding your requirements, putting together a package that fits your brief and delivering on promises with enthusiasm.

I love what I do and I love sharing what I do. Unique, one-off experiences that are memorable, shareable and enjoyed by many.

Dynamic sets
Varied music
Always musical
A vibing crowd
Warm up sets to peak time party vibes
House parties, BBQs and rooftop parties
Bars, clubs and festivals
Launch parties and special VIP events
20 to 2,000 people

I am:
Never underground
Occasionally cheesy
Sometimes unpredictable
Always accessible
Always unique
Always musical

➡ Want to discuss an event with me? I am available for UK and worldwide events. Drop me a line to discuss your vision, ideas, requirements and budget.